melissa & jack

Melissa walked through our doors knowing only that she was eloping in a matter of weeks. Unsure of timing or venue, her fiancee Jack told her to worry only about getting a gown, and he would take care of everything else. 

Without knowing any details of their elopement, we worked with Melissa to find her a gown that was equal parts special, unique, and most importantly, a reflection of her: and the Zeppelin Gown by Rue de Seine was it.

Her and Jack had planned a trip to Europe, and Jack thought it would be the perfect place to solidify their commitment to one another. 

Not only was Melissa unaware that they would be getting married on their trip, she also didn't know that Jack had planned for their entire family to be waiting for them at a chateau in the South of France to celebrate their wedding together. 

When Melissa's mom called me to get advice on how to pack her Zeppelin gown, I was overcome with emotion at what I now knew was in store for her. 

Reflecting on getting to know Melissa while scrolling through these amazing photos, I can't help feel so lucky that I have the chance to get to meet these incredible women, and be a small part of their stories. 

To Melissa and Jack, it takes looking at just one of these photos to understand how strong the love is between you two. Congratulations on finding each other, and on a beautiful wedding. Thank you for sharing your photos with us <3

Gown: Zeppelin by Rue de Seine

Photography: Anna Ambrosi