January 05, 2016

Before you buy that wedding dress....

It's that time of year. The holidays are over, your New Year's hangover is gone, you've hit the gym every day since to get healthy and ... YOU'RE NEWLY ENGAGED! Congrats! So where do you start on your wedding dress hunt? Here are a few tips and tricks to make your wedding dress search a breeze.

1. Location, location, location.

Knowing your venue will help you decide on a theme, colours, and what style of dress you will be looking for. Are you getting married on a beach in Mexico? A Pemberton barn? Or maybe a sleek restaurant in Gastown? Knowing your setting will help you narrow your focus.

2. Save the date

What time of year are you getting married? Knowing this will help you determine if you're looking for long sleeves, or a breezy strapless number. Let's think practical for just one second and figure out some seasonality so that you can dress accordingly.

3. Timing is everything.

You'll need to order your dress 6 to 9 months in advance to avoid a rush fee. Our designers are independent designers that are filling orders for brides around the world and they need time to order materials and to create your made-to-order gown. So get on it!

4. Choose your entourage carefully.

When shopping for a wedding dress, you should feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. The last thing you need is an unsolicited opinion from someone who isn't your number one fan. Choose a crew that will be doting, but honest, and most importantly, make it all about you. Trust us on this one.

5. Know your limit, stay within it.

Weddings are expensive. We get it. No one likes to talk about money, but if you are firm on your budget, then hold strong to that number and stay away from trying on gowns over your budget. It might just confuse you.

6. Make like Stevie Nicks and GO YOUR OWN WAY.

It's your day, so stay true to how you feel and what you want. If you want to wear a pink taffeta prom dress, then own it. Though, seriously? A pink taffeta prom dress? If this is you, call us ASAP.

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