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what. a. year.

Is 2015 over already? With today being new year's eve, we can't help but reflect on all the amazingness that's happened this year, and all the hard work that went into getting Union Bridal off the ground. 

Spring Pop-Up: In March, we opened our doors for the first time ever to Vancouver brides in the form of a week-long pop-up shop. We were so inspired by the positive response, we decided a permanent location basically had to happen.  

Union Bridal Pop-Up

New York Bridal Market: In October, we took off to NY for the craziest 4 days meeting incredible designers from around the globe. We left with stars in our eyes, and excitement about what the next year has in store for the bridal industry. 

Houghton Presentation

Houghton Presentation

Doors Open: On November 5th, we opened our doors to Vancouver in, what we're happy to say, is the coolest space we could dream up. Since our opening, we've met some incredible ladies and their families, and we couldn't be happier to report that our brides are a dream. Obviously. 

Union Bridal Studio

Two months and two amazing trunk shows later, we are elated about what the coming year is going to bring. More dresses, more designers, and more fabulous brides. 

Here's to the new year!! Stay tuned for more exciting announcements, trunk shows, and beautiful pictures.

xoxo ~ the Union Bridal team